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As BABUTCU İNŞAAT, we provide contracting and renovation services. In addition to contracting practices, we also make contracting agreements in exchange for flats. We would be happy for you to contact us to make an offer for your land in exchange for flats.

We are trying to fulfill our responsibility to help you live in more spacious, safer homes and to be a more peaceful society with our dynamic staff who constantly follow the innovations and aim to improve upon them.

In this context;

• To act in accordance with the laws and regulations in all our activities.

• Prioritizing worker health and occupational safety in OHSAS 180001 STANDARDS,

• Protecting the environment and nature in ISO 140001 STANDARDS,

• To be fair in our relations with our employees, subcontractors, sub-industry and suppliers,
to benefit,

• Continuously upholding honest, reliable social responsibility and confidentiality principles,

• Working with well-trained and experienced human resources in their fields; We strive to work in line with the principles of prioritizing quality in design, production, construction, assembly and business management and completing our commitments on time and with high quality, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISO 9001 STANDARDS...

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